We have created our very own training material and curricula that has been successfully used in hundreds of training sessions. Through our partnership with Cultural Lights GmbH, all our offered courses are "Zertpunkt" certified with the AZAV certification. AZAV stands for “Accreditation and Approval Ordinance for Employment Promotion” and is a seal of quality in the field of continuing education. Our courses are offered for different skill levels and are customizable depending on the nature of the business and the group attending. Our trainers are multilingual, making their sessions more engaging and easy to follow


At Cultural Lights we firmly believe in creating healthy and nurturing cultures that are based on strong internpersonal relations between team members and a bond that pushes the business forward. Therefore, we offer a full 360 degrees teambuilding events service which includes:

  • Crafting a customized program for your team's needs.
  • Planning and managing all event details.
  • Delivering a progress report after the event.


If you are planning to work and live in Germany but do not know where to start, our coaching team is here to help! Our journey with you starts with a consutling session to evaluate your current status in terms of education, professional experience and overall eligibility for the German market. We put together a plan with all the needed steps and your different options, followed by helping you go through all the steps needed to finally reach your target of securing a job and moving to Germany.


We develop our students to quaify for the German job market and through our partnership with Cultural Lights GmbH , we seek matching opportunities for them in Germany. Our recruitment process is fully managed by the team of our sister company in Germany having the most experience in what the market needs

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